Thursday 18 December 2014 by Theresa Cronk. No comments.
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You wouldn’t think it possible to have a Merry Xmas in a place like this, would you? Well forget it...Thanks to a good lot of fellows du vin and the Almighty spreading a fog over the landscape we had Peace, Goodwill and a good time.

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Wednesday 17 December 2014 by David Gist. 2 comments.
Remember Me: the lost diggers of Vignacourt, First World War Centenary, Collection, Exhibitions

The 5th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery's football team The 5th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery's football team P10550.151

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Tuesday 16 December 2014 by Stephanie Hume. 2 comments.
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The sending of a traditional Christmas card has diminished in popularity with the advent of mobile phones, email and social media. The Australian War Memorial has a large collection of postcards and greeting cards sent to and from Australian service personnel engaged in conflicts from the South African War (1898 – 1902) to Afghanistan (2001 – present). During the First World War, a very popular design of greeting card was the woven or embroidered silk postcard.


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Thursday 11 December 2014 by John Holloway. No comments.
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Thank you to everyone who submitted their guess for last week's Collection Detection. As promised, here is the answer:

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Tuesday 9 December 2014 by Daniel McGlinchey. No comments.
Anzac Connections

After my blog “Copyright Hunter” I had several questions and comments regarding copyright and how it affects the Memorial. In this blog I will cover the basics of copyright in Australia.

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Monday 8 December 2014 by Gabrielle Considine. 1 comments.
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“You can’t convey, as I call it, the fear of the unknown”, Les Wasley 1928 - 2014

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Wednesday 3 December 2014 by John Holloway. 2 comments.
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What is it?

Examine this object and tell us what you think it is in the comments section below.

We will post the answer and the full story next week!

This is #15 in the Education team's Collection Detection series, where we look at an unusual collection item and the story behind it.


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Monday 1 December 2014 by Theresa Cronk. 2 comments.
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Unobtrusively and steadily for the last three months, from its corner of the office, a sole flatbed scanner has continually issued a high pitched whirring as page after page has been placed face down on a glass plate and the “Scan Now” button selected. Nearby computers have hummed whilst catalogue records have been diligently prepared for the purpose of releasing digitised pages online. The sharing of stories and quotes contained within the pages of these diaries and letters can be heard around the office.

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Monday 1 December 2014 by Eleni Holloway. 2 comments.
Collection, Military Heraldry and Technology, News Changi, Copyright, Publications, Changi quilt

The Australian War Memorial is seeking copyright permission to reproduce in detail the following embroidered squares from the Australian Changi quilt for a publication.

Some 400 women and children were taken prisoner after the fall of Singapore in February 1942. The Australian Changi quilt was made by women interned in Changi prison, and is made up of 66 individual squares with different designs and messages.

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Friday 28 November 2014 by Daniel McGlinchey. 12 comments.
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