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ID number E02587
Collection Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Photographer Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Corbie Albert Area, Querrieu
Date made 27 June 1918


Querrieu, France. 27 June 1918. Group portrait of the 6th Light Trench Mortar Battery. Back row, left to right: 30509 Private (Pte) J. A. King; 2371 Pte H. Riddell DCM (Killed in action (KIA) 23 July 1918); 6426 Pte H. F. Withers, 24th Battalion (KIA 5 October 1918); 31463 Pte S. R. Kennedy; 6357 Pte A. McKenzie; 22526 Pte J. M. Lynch; 589 Pte S. Letch, 23rd Battalion; 5006 Pte Arthur Horace Ferns; 3958 Pte N. J. Porter; 5817 Pte W. G. Paul, 22nd Battalion. Fourth row: 2406 Pte F. H. Thompson; 4288 Pte Percival Herman Pieper (KIA 6 October 1918); 91 Pte T. A. Bath, 21st Battalion; 1174 Pte L. J. James, 23rd Battalion; 5460 Pte A. M. Myers; 1797 Pte H. E. K. Nurthen; 1820 Pte W. T. Tofield; 1785 Pte T. E. Knight; 4752 Pte F. J. Parkins MM; 326 Pte S. J. W. Smith; 5854 Pte H. H. Daymond; 1816 Pte T. O'Riley MM; 496 Pte T. L. Boyd; 5652 Pte H. F. Robley. Third row: 5409 Corporal (Cpl) George Hamilton Pilven, Australian Corps School (Died of wounds 17 October 1918), in front of Pte James; 3845 Cpl H. S. Ince; 2416 Acting Sergeant Major J. H. A. Thomas MM; Lieutenant (Lt) T. H. Scholfield MC MM; Lt J. C. Robertson MC; Lt W. C. Tomkin MC; Lt R. C. Pike; 1028 Sergeant (Sgt) T. Quade MM; 1981 Cpl G. Nelson MM; 565 Cpl F. Boughton MM; 2403 Pte L. Murphy. Third row: 6776 Pte P. J. Higgins, 22nd Battalion; 5965 Pte G. W. Hopkins, 23rd Battalion; 370 Pte G. A. Ellison; 2658 Pte G. A. Freeman, 21st Battalion; 772 Pte W. Muldoon, 21st Battalion; 4267 Pte A. S. Ali; 260 Pte R. H. Trott; 6770 Pte E. A. Ali; 117 Pte K. Parker; 767 Pte F. W. Wilkins; 2365 Pte W. R. Mullins, 21st Battalion; 1015 Pte R. H. Richards; 5178 Pte R. C. Bryant. Second row: 675 Pte H. W. Haynes, 24th Battalion (KIA 23 July 1918); 6303 Pte V. C. Dawson (KIA 13 August 1918); 1668 Pte W. R. Dyson; 2380 Pte W. G. Jones; 1843 Pte C. A. Robison; 2364 Pte H. P. Goldie; 6306 Pte J. T. Dobson; 1824 Pte E. C. White; 16155 Pte E. C. Manning; 4703 Pte J. H. Guyatt; 2463 Pte W. E. Baker MM. Front row: 71 Pte V. Ault; 3926 Pte J. Westhead.