ID number RELAWM28284
Title Dutch Mannlicher Model 1895 Carbine : Netherlands East Indies Army
Collection Technology
Object type Firearm
Place made Netherlands
Date made 1919


The Dutch Mannlicher Model 1895 bolt action carbine. The left side of the action is marked HEMBRUG 1919. It has a single piece wood stock without a top hand guard and a wood plate on the right side of the magazine. It has an end cap with a bayonet lug welded onto the underside. On the right side of the butt is a small rectangular brass plate stamped 3.INF VII over 164. A ring swivel is attached to the left side of the butt and there is a flat fixed sling loop on the left side of the fore end. The magazine is a five shot, vertical, clip loaded integral box . The bolt, with a turned down arm, has two locking lugs located at the head of the body and has a thumb safety lever attached to the rear. The sights are a front barley corn blade and a tangent V notch rear.


The Dutch Model 95 carbine was issued to Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (KNIL) troops in the Netherlands East Indies during the Second World War. This example was collected by 7 Military History Field Team.