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ID number RCDIG1066752 (AWM38/3DRL606)
Title Diaries and Notebooks
Collection Digitised Collection
Object type Official Record
Copying provision Copy provided for personal non-commercial use, permission from copyright holder must be sought for commercial use




  • AWM38, 3DRL606/37/1 - January - February 1916 (23.30 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066738  (37)
    Includes references to the formation of new divisions in Egypt, and to Gallipoli.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/39/1 - February 1916 (10.94 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066742  (39)
    Includes references to Mersa Matruh expedition and to the 16th Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade and Sir John Monash at Gallipoli.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/40/1 - February - March 1916 (11.10 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066744  (40)
    Covers "The Anzac Book", events in Egypt, Sir Brudenell White and British staff officers' opinions of Australian soldiers and assessments of Lord Birdwood.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/41/1 - March - April 1916 (16.09 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066745  (41)
    Includes references to diary of Sir Carl Jess, Gallipoli and Lt Leonard Womersley's Suvla Bay story.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/42/1 - April 1916 (13.75 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066746  (42)
    Includes references to the 4th Division march to Serapeum and Sir Brudenell White's account of the Gallipoli evacuation.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/43/1 - April - May 1916 (14.05 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066747  (43)
    Includes references to Gallipoli (Quinn's Post, Sir John Monash etc) and the German attack of 6 May 1916.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/44/1 - May - June 1916 (12.15 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066748  (44)
    Covers Bean's work on "The Anzac Book" accounts, talks with Lord Birdwood, Lt E Brooks, and visit by W M Hughes to Paris.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/45/1 - June 1916 (17.19 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066749  (45)
    Includes notes on raid by 6th Battalion on 12 June 1916, zeppelins, T J Ryan's visit to the front and coversations with Lord Birdwood.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/46/1 - June 1916 (5.50 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066750  (46)
    Includes notes on the torpedoing in September 1915 of the transport, SOUTHLAND, the fighting of 18-19 June 1916 and the 25th and 27th Battalions.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/47/1 - June 1916 (13.45 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066856  (47)
    Covers the raid by the 5th Infantry Brigade, a letter to Andrew Fisher and discussions with Sir Brudenell White, Brig Gen J Charteris, Sir Alexander Godley and Maj Gen J Paton.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/48/1 - June - July 1916 (14.71 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066811  (48)
    Covers the attack on La Boiselle and Fricourt Wood and the fighting of early July 1916; includes sketches and typescript copies of despatches.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/49/1 - July 1916 (10.09 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066812  (49)
    Describes German trenches and the fighting of early July, discusses Bean's military status and mentions Vignacourt and Sir Brudenell White's predictions.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/50/1 - July 1916 (8.89 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066814  (50)
    Reports conversations with Sir Nevill Smyth VC, mentions the 4th Infantry Brigade's raid of 2-3 July 1916, the fighting at Mametz Wood and Verdun and the difficulties of obtaining a car.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/51/1 - July 1916 (7.84 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066815  (51)
    Describes the fighting of 15-16 July, quotes from German records and mentions the 16th Bavarian Regiment and Sir Neville Howse VC.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/52/1 - July 1916 (13.13 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066816  (52)
    Includes notes on the actions at Fleurbaix and by the 8th Infantry Brigade, sketches of Pozieres, a letter from his brother Dr John Bean and copy to Sir Harold Walker and notes on the battle of Pozieres.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/53/1 - July 1916 (7.61 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066817  (53)
    Lists casualties of 24 July 1916 and includes notes on units at battle of Pozieres.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/54/1 - July - August 1916 (37.10 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066818  (54)
    Contains detailed notes on fighting of late July - early August 1916.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/55/1 - August 1916 (34.98 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066819  (55)
    Includes article and letters from Bean's family about his cousin, Lt E L A Butler and describes fighting at Mouquet Farm between 16-22 August 1916.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/56/1 - August 1916 (14.25 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066820  (56)
    Refers again to Lt E L A Butler; mentions 14th Battalion and Mouquet Farm fighting in the last week of August 1916.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/57/1 - August - September 1916 (11.12 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066821  (57)
    Mentions Capt R Harwood, other war correspondents, German prisoners and the fighting of early September 1916.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/58/1 - September 1916 (9.79 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066822  (58)
    Discusses Capt Duncan Maxwell and Capt C A Littler, the VC award and Mouquet Farm.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/59/1 - September 1916 (31.06 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066823  (59)
    Includes letter from Bean's cousin, Mrs E Burgess, regarding a zeppelin raid, mentions W M Hughes and conscription, British officers, Bean's stay in London and naval action in the North Sea.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/60/1 - September - October 1916 (25.33 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066825  (60)
    Comments on Lord Birdwood, war fatigue, the visit of Andrew Fisher, Sir Keith Murdoch and E A Box to the Somme front, Canadian soldiers and tanks.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/61/1 - October 1916 (20.12 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066826  (61)
    Covers Bean's return visit to London, conversation with Lord Birdwood regarding conscription, inspection of the Grand Fleet and talk with Sir John Jellicoe; includes notes on the 8th Battalion at Gallipoli and Pozieres.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/62/1 - October 1916 (6.10 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066827  (62)
    Discusses howitzers and artillery and refers to Sir Keith Murdoch and the Dardanelles Commission.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/63/1 - October - November 1916 (20.11 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066828  (63)
    Mentions the military police, the 7th Infantry Brigade, Gird Trench and Bean's visit to the front with Capt J J Herbertson.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/64/1 - November 1916 (4.29 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066829  (64)
    Relates "Chauvelle's" (ie Sir Harry Chauvel's) account of the Australians in Palestine, July-September 1916.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/65/1 - November 1916 (3.42 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066830  (65)
    Comments on Lt Col O Howell Price's death, mentions the 1st and 3rd Battalion's attack on Lard Trench and the 3rd Battalion at Pozieres.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/66/1 - November 1916 (18.27 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066831  (66)
    Reports conversations with his brother, Dr John Bean, Lord Birdwood and Sir Brudenell White and his visit to Montauban; mentions death of Brig Gen D J Glasfurd, trench feet, interviews with German prisoners, and the photographer, Lt H F Baldwin.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/67/1 - November - December 1916 (17.30 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066832  (67)
    Refers to a visit to Mouquet Farm, Sir George Reid, Sir Robert Anderson, Brig Gen T Griffiths, the 1st Battalion and Sir John Monash's account of the 3rd Division's training.
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/68/1 - December 1916 - January 1917 (16.86 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066833  (68)
    Refers to W Dyson, German prisoners, the 9th Battalion at Gallipoli, Christmas Day and work on "The Rising Sun".
  • AWM38, 3DRL606/284/1 - July 1916 (3.48 MB PDF file)  RCDIG1066726  (284)
    Typescript diary of the bombardment - copies of three letters to newspapers regarding the Battle of the Somme, particularly the attacks on Fricourt and La Boiselle.