Air War Europe
Telstra Theatre, Australian War Memorial
Saturday 15 November 2003

Those who took part in the air offensive against Germany in 1943 and 1944 fought in some of the most costly campaigns of the Second World War. To commemorate the battle of Berlin and the air war over Europe, the Australian War Memorial held a one-day conference in Canberra on 15 November 2003. Air War Europe focused on every aspect of the air campaign during the Second World War, including campaigns and strategy, the role of Bomber Command, Fighter Command and the Tactical Air Force, debates over the effectiveness of bombing, and the role Australian air servicemen and women played in the defeat of the Axis powers. Speakers includeD veterans, Memorial staff and historians of the Second World War in the air.

The conference also celebrated the returned display of Australia’s most famous Lancaster, “G for George”, late in 2003. Conference attendees were able to view the final stages of the aircraft’s installation in ANZAC Hall.

Speakers included: Alan Stephens, Don Charlwood, Hank Nelson, Chris Clark, Peter Stanley, Peter Burness, and others.

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    AWM SUK12278
    Members of the crew of "G for George" at Binbrook in England in April 1945. This is the crew that flew the veteran aircraft on its last three missions.
    AWM SUK12278