Private Ian Layzell and Private Dougal Stewart

PAIU2013/007.20 Private Dougal Stewart (left) and Private Ian Layzell PAIU2013/007.20

Townsville-based Dougal Stewart and Canberra-born Ian Layzell were teenagers when they independently joined the Army Reserve straight after high school, in 1999. After their initial training, both men were deployed to Malaysia; Layzell also served in Singapore and Stewart in East Timor.

By December 2007 they had both joined 1 Commando Regiment, and became good friends. In November 2008, they deployed to Afghanistan with Special Operations Task Group Task Force 66. Stewart was responsible for surveillance and target acquisition, and Layzell was a “method of entry” operator.

Returning to Canberra in 2009, Layzell and Stewart continued to serve in the Reserves. Stewart returned to Afghanistan in May 2013.

REL46546 Combat boots REL46546

Combat boots worn by Ian Layzell during his service in Afghanistan as a method of entry operator with 1 Commando Regiment.