Private George Cartwright VC

George Cartwright. P01383.010 George Cartwright

Date of birth: 9 December 1894
Place of birth: South Kensington, London
Date of death: 2 February 1978
Place of death: Gordon, NSW

George Cartwright was born in London and later came to Australia. He worked as a labourer near Inverell, New South Wales, before enlisting in December 1915. His battalion, 33rd, went to France in November 1916, and the following year he was wounded while taking part in its first major battle; he was also gassed in early 1918. At Road Wood, south-west of Bouchavesnes near Péronne, on 31 August, as the 3rd Division sought to secure the north of the Somme River, Cartwright attacked an enemy machine-gun post that was holding up the advance. "His gallant deed had a most inspiring effect on the whole line, which immediately rushed forward."

Cartwright was badly wounded a few weeks later and returned to Australia, where he settled in Sydney. He served as a training officer in the Second World War.

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