Albert Chalmers Borella. P02939.032 Albert Chalmers Borella

Date of birth: 7 August 1881
Place of birth: Borung, VIC
Date of death: 7 February 1968
Place of death: Albury, NSW

On 17–18 July 1918 Albert Borella led a platoon in an attack to straighten the front line beyond Villers-Bretonneux, from which a major British offensive was to be launched a few weeks later. While ahead of his troops, he single-handedly captured a machine-gun. Then, after clearing a trench and dug-outs, he inspired his men to hold out during heavy enemy counter-attacks. Borella had earlier received the Military Medal and been Mentioned in Despatches.

Although he had enlisted in Townsville (from Darwin), after the war he lived in Victoria as a farmer. Borella also served in the Second World War, and afterwards settled in Albury, New South Wales


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