Private Leslie Thomas Starcevich VC

Leslie Thomas Starcevich. 124956A Leslie Thomas Starcevich

Date of birth: 5 September 1918
Place of birth: Subiaco, WA
Date of death: 17 November 1989
Place of death: Esperance, WA

Tom Starcevich was a quietly-spoken Western Australian veteran of the fighting in Egypt - he was wounded at Tel el Eisa in July 1942 - and New Guinea before gaining the Victoria Cross in North Borneo on the 28 June 1945. With the 2/43rd Battalion, during the capture of Beaufort, British North Borneo, he attacked Japanese machine-gun positions, fearlessly firing his Bren gun from the hip. "The outstanding gallantry of Private Starcevich in carrying out these attacks single-handed with complete disregard of his own safety resulted in the decisive success of the action." Turning to farming and grazing after the war, Starcevich also served for a time in his local Citizen Military Forces unit.

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