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Aboriginal servicemen and women

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Defence Force


Desmond Ball (ed.), Aborigines in the defence of Australia (Sydney: Australian National University Press, 1991)

Reg A. Ball, 5 Aust. MG Bn (AIF) Torres Strait Force (Kareela: Reg A. Ball, 1993)
[Contains Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.]

Joan Beaumont, Australian defence: sources and statistics (Australian Centenary History of Defence, vol. 6 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001): chapter 9
[Tables, statistics, and literature reviews; includes a section of what resources are avalible on this topic.]

Harry Gordon, The embarrassing Australian: the story of an Aboriginal warrior (Melbourne: Cheshire-Lansdowne, 1965)
[Biography of Reg Saunders.]

Robert A. Hall, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the Second World War (Canberra: Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, 1987)

Robert A. Hall, The black diggers: Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the Second World War (Sydney: Allen and Unwin, 1989)
[Excellent description of the variety and scope of Aboriginal involvement.]

Robert A. Hall, Fighters from the fringe: Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders recall the Second World War (Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, 1995)
[Includes memoirs and biographical information for Reg Saunders, et al.]

Robert A. Hall, Report: employment of Aborigines and Torres Strait islanders by the Defence Force during the Second World War ([Canberra]: Department of Defence, 1987)
[Comprehensive and analytical description of Aboriginal war work, payment, conditions, and experiences; includes information and nominal rolls for some particular units.]

Alick Jackomos and Derek Fowell, Forgotten heroes: Aborigines at war from the Somme to Vietnam (South Melbourne: Victoria Press, 1993)
[Contains biographies, photographs and a nominal roll.]

Doreen Kartinyeri, Ngarrindjeri Anzacs (Adelaide: Aboriginal Family History Project, South Australian Museum, and Raukkan Council, 1996)
[Short biographies and photographs; contains nominal roll.]

Kenny Laughton (ed.), Aboriginal ex-Servicemen of Central Australia (Alice Springs: IAD Press, 1995)
[Contains nominal roll, and testimonies. Includes those who did not see active service.]

Kenny Laughton, Not quite men, no longer boys (Alice Springs: Jukurrpa Books, 1999)
[Autobiography of Vietnam veteran, mostly as a combat engineer.]

Douglas Lockwood, The front door: Darwin 1869–1969 (London: Angus and Robertson, 1969)

Rod Moran, Icon of the north: the legend of Tom Gray (Northbridge: Access Press, c. 1995)
[Biography of a Second World War veteran.]

Elizabeth Osborne, Torres Strait Islander women and the Pacific War (Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 1997)
[Based on research and interviews. Topics include: evacuation from the islands; difference in experiences and perspectives between Islanders and Aborigines; the effects of war on Islander lifestyles.]

Eugene Perez (Rosemary Pratt and John Millington eds.), Kalumburu war diary (Perth: Artlook Books, 1981)
[Missionary’s diary from the northern Kimberleys.]

Alan Powell, The shadow’s edge: Australia’s northern war (Carlton South: Melbourne University Press, 1988)

Donald F. Thomson, Dona NTSRU 1941–1943: Northern Territory Special Reconnaissance Unit (Yirrkala, NT: Yirrkala Literature Producton Centre, 1992)
[Based on a report from Thomson, creator of the NTSRU; details unit’s formation and objectives, and contains recommendations for Natjialma and Raiwalla, and a nominal roll.]

Harold Thornell and Estelle Thompson, A bridge over time: living in Arnhemland with the Aborigines 1938–1944 (Melbourne: J. M. Dent, 1986)

Thursday Island State School, Torres Strait at war: a recollection of wartime experiences (Thursday Island: Thursday Island State High School, 1988)
[Includes order of battle, list of air raids on Thursday Island, and interviews with Islanders; contains a nominal roll of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal members of the Torres Strait Defence Force.]

Richard and Helen Walker, Curtin’s cowboys: Australia’s secret bush commandos (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1986)
[History of the North Australia Observer Unit; includes a chapter on relations with Aboriginal people.]


“Aboriginal clergyman opposes battalion idea”, Mufti 16: 12 (December 1951): 14

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“Aborigines day, national ceremonies”, Reveille 42: 12 (1 July 1969): 9

“Aborigines in the services”, Aboriginal history 16: 1–2 (Canberra: Australian National University, Department of Pacific and Southeast Asian History, 1992)
[Special edition on Aboriginal people in the services. Includes useful listings of resources available in Australian libraries and archives (though slightly out-of-date); other topics include short biographies, Malaya and Vietnam, and the Northern Territory Coastal Patrol.]

“AIF Aborigines: how many?”, Reveille 4: 12 (31 August 1931): 5
[The first serious effort to elicit information about Aboriginal servicemen; several follow-up articles produced.]

“AIF Aborigines: N.S.W.”, Reveille 5: 5 (31 January 1932): 20

“AIF Aboriginals”, Reveille 18: 4 (December 1944) 35

“A plea for the Australian Aborigines”, Sydney Mail (11 July 1917)

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“Digger Aboriginal dies”, Reveille 25: 6 (1 February 1952): 10
[Obituary of Doug Grant, SERN 6020, 13th Battalion, ex-prisoner of war.]

M. Geldart, “Exercise Exmouth”, Australian Infantry 19: 1 (January 1973): 8–11

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Rod Pratt, “Queensland’s Aborigines in the first AIF, Part 1”, Sabretache 31: 1 (January–March 1990): 18–22
[A series of articles that includes information on enlistment, payment and experiences.]

Rod Pratt, “Queensland’s Aborigines in the first AIF, Part 2”, Sabretache 31: 2 (April–June 1990): 16–19

Rod Pratt, “Queensland’s Aborigines in the first AIF, Part 3”, Sabretache 31:3 (July-September 1990): 26-29

Rod Pratt, “Queensland’s Aborigines in the first AIF, Part 4”, Sabretache 31:4 (July–September 1990): 36–38

“RSL provides home for Aboriginal widow”, Reveille 38: 12 (1 July 1965): 13

Vanessa Seekee, ‘“One Ilan man”: the Torres Strait Light Infantry’, Wartime 12 (Summer 2000): 32–39
[History and photographs; includes a reference to the pay strike in 1943.]

Bruce Topperwien, “Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders who assisted the Australian Defence Force in northern Australia during World War Two”, Sabretache 34 (January–March 1993): 37–38
[Non-enlisted Aborigines who aided in the defence of Australia, now eligible for a pension from the Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs.]

“Vale Captain R. W. Saunders, MBE”, Reveille 63: 21 (May–June 1990): 23