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Gulf War
Gulf War Nominal Roll

Although terminology is generally explained in the introduction or first chapter, it is important to note that the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) is often referred to as the First Gulf War.

David Anderson, The Australian response to the Gulf crisis (Sydney: Pacific Security Research Institute, 1991?). [Comprehensive booklet detailing the Australian commitment to the Gulf Crisis, the rationale for it, party political positions, public opinion about the war and post war implications.]

Joan Beaumont, Australian defence: sources and statistics. The Australian centenary history of defence, vol. 6 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001). [Contains tables and statistics in relation to themes and issues in Australian defence history, details research resources and archives.]

Christopher Bellamy, Expert witness: a defence correspondent's Gulf War, 1990-91 (New York: Macmillan, 1993). [Graphics and charts of military build-up, deployments, explanation of battle plans, tactics and movements.]

Ian Bickerton, 43 days: the Gulf War (Melbourne: Text Publishing and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1991). [Contains background to the war, day by day account including Australian newspaper responses and key documents relating to the conflict in the appendix.]

John Coates, An atlas of Australia's wars. The Australian centenary history of defence, vol. 7 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001). [Annotated atlas outlining all the major campaigns of Australia's involvement in the Gulf War.]

Peter Dennis, et. al. The Oxford companion to Australian military history (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1995). [Contains a general description of major events, names and places relevant to a broad spectrum of military history, not just the Gulf.]

Lawrence Freedman and Efraim Karsh, Gulf conflict 1990-1991: diplomacy and war in the new world order (London: Faber, 1993). [An analysis of the Gulf War within the wider Middle East and post Cold War political, economic and military context. Includes scrutiny of the participation and contributions of members of the UN force and detail of the tactics of the war.]

Murray Goot and Rodney Tiffen, Australia's Gulf War (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1992). [Collection of articles including among others, a statement for Australian participation by the then Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gareth Evans, the home front experiences by Arabs and Jews, and the political effects of participation.]

D.M. Horner, The Gulf commitment: the Australian Defence Force's first war (Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1992). [Detailed, with an emphasis on the workings of the combined Defence force.]

Frederick Kirkland (ed.), Operation Damask: being a record of Australia's participation prior to, during and after the Gulf War, Iraq-Kuwait 1990-1991 (Cremorne, N.S.W.: Plaza Historical Service, 1991). [Contains chronology, lists of atrocities and human rights violations as published by Amnesty International, lists and texts of UN resolutions, speech by Prime Minister Hawke on Australian commitment and detailed summary of Australian involvement.]

Andrew Orgill, 1990-91 Gulf War: crisis, conflict, aftermath: an annotated bibliography (New York: Mansell, 1995). [Detailed bibliography covering publications to September 1993 with short annotations divided into subjects: reference sources, general studies, the crisis, the war, the aftermath.]