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Australian involvement in the Korean War

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Korean War
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The major reference for this conflict is Robert J. O'Neill, Australia in the Korean War 1950–53, [vol. 1. Strategy and diplomacy, vol. 2. Combat operations].

Army Headquarters Training Command, The Battle of Maryang San: 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, Korea 2–8 October 1951 (Headquarters Training Command, Australian Army: Balmoral, c1991). [Includes narrative, maps and personal accounts from members of 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.]

Norman Bartlett, With the Australians in Korea (Canberra: Australian War Memorial, 1960). [Contains short history and contemporary stories from service people.]

Joan Beaumont, Australian defence: sources and statistics. The Australian centenary history of defence, vol. 6 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001). [Contains tables and statistics in relation to themes and issues in Australian defence history, and research resources and archives]

Colin Brown, Stalemate in Korea and how we coped, 1952–1953 (Loftus [N.S.W.]: Australian Military History Publications, 1997). [Arranged by theme: has entries on entertainment, dealing with cold weather, trench warfare.]

John Coates, An atlas of Australia's wars. The Australian centenary history of defence, vol. 7 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001). [Annotated atlas outlining the major campaigns of Australia’s involvement in the Korean War.]

Peter Dennis, et. al. The Oxford companion to Australian military history (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1995). [Contains a general description of major events, names and places relevant to a broad spectrum of military history, not just Korea.]

Ben Evans, Out in the cold: Australia's involvement in the Korean War 1950–53 (Canberra: Australian War Memorial and Department of Veterans' Affairs, 2001). [Entries on Army, RAAF and RAN involvements. Simple history with many photographs sourced predominantly from Australian War Memorial records.]

Jeffrey Grey, The Commonwealth armies and the Korean War: an alliance study (New York: St. Martin's Press, c1988). [Study of the relationships within the Commonwealth Forces. Concentrates on Army, includes aspects such as administration and logistics.]

John Hooker, Korea: the forgotten war (Sydney: Time-Life Books Australia in association with John Ferguson, 1989). [Many large photographs for background and school-aged readers.]

Kevin R. Ingraham, Honors, medals and awards of the Korean War 1950–1953 (New York: Prospect Press, 1993). [Comprehensive list of medals from all participating nations including China. Includes an inventory of gallantry medals awarded.]

Robert Jackson, Air war over Korea (New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1973). [Details the air battles from an American perspective although Australian involvement is mentioned. Contains lists of flying aces, orders of battle, number of sorties and the damage inflicted.]

Gavan McCormack, Cold war, hot war: an Australian perspective on the Korean War (Sydney: Hale & Iremonger, 1983). [Alternate perspective on the origins of the War, information about atrocities.]

Ben O'Dowd, In valiant company: Korean War memoir (St Lucia, [Qld]: Queensland University Press, 1995). [Details the first year of the war for A company 3RAR (Royal Australian Regiment). An emphasis on battles and troop movements with detailed explanatory maps. Does not include details of the battle for Maryang San.]

Neil C. Smith, Home by Christmas: the Australian Army in Korea 1950–56: being a record of the Australian Army's involvement in the Korean War and listing those who served in Korea 1950–56 (Gardenvale: Mostly Unsung, 1990). [Contains nominal roll, KIA, lists of non-combatants and an explanation of the policy behind the awarding of medals. Includes names of individuals, and battalions in which they served where available, service numbers and some comment including previous service numbers.]