2014 DVA calendar: Iconic Wartime Australians

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Over the past century, more than one million Australians have served in our armed forces or in significant civilian roles during times of war and conflict. Sometimes wartime service has brought an individual lasting fame. More often though, widespread recognition has been fleeting. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs 2014 calendar features images of many who would be instantly recognisable to present-day Australians and some who would not. Yet, in their time, those who today are unfamiliar were widely known and publicly revered. These images speak to the breadth of Australia’s wartime history and the way in which the most difficult times can produce some of the most exceptional individuals.

Fully illustrated with photographs and artworks from the collections of the Australian War Memorial and the Department of Defence, this calendar lists official days of commemoration proclaimed by the Governor-General of Australia, national public holidays and DVA pension days.

Soft cover, 12 months.

2014 DVA calendar: Iconic Wartime Australians