The secret rescue

Cate Lineberry

A compelling story of the group of stranded U.S. Army nurses and medics who fought to escape Nazi-occupied Europe.

When 26 Army nurses and medics - part of the 807th Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron - boarded a cargo plane for transport in November 1943, they never anticipated the crash landing in Nazi-occupied Albania that would lead to their months-long struggle for survival. A drama that captured the attention of the American public, the group and its flight crew dodged bullets and battled blinding winter storms as they climbed mountains and fought to survive, aided by courageous villagers who risked death at Nazi hands to help them.

A mesmerising tale of the courage and heroism of ordinary people, The secret rescue tells the story of struggle, endurance and of the daring rescue attempts by clandestine American and British organisations amid the tumultuous landscape of the war.

Hard cover, 320 pages.

The secret rescue