1914: fight the good fight

Allan Mallinson

British military historian Allan Mallinson, has written a significant new history of the origins and the opening first few weeks fighting of what would become known as 'the war to end all wars'. He  explores and explains the grand strategic shift that occurred in the century before the war, the British Army's regeneration after its beatings in its fight against the Boer, it’s almost calamitous experience of the 21 days fighting in Flanders, and the point at which the British Expeditionary Force took up the pick and the spade in the middle of September 1914, changing the war from one of movement into the now familiar image of the trenches and the coming of the Territorials, Kitchener's ‘Pals', and ultimately the conscripts.

An ex-infantry and cavalry officer, Mallinson brings his experience as a professional soldier to this compelling history of the beginnings of the conflict and one that speculates tantalisingly on what might have been...

Soft cover, 400 pages.

1914: fight the good fight