Bullecourt 1917: Breaching the Hindenburg Line

Paul Kendall

This book tells the full story of a battle that can be seen as an archetype of the horrors of trench warfare. The first Bullecourt battle of 11 April 1917 came to be regarded as the worst Australian defeat of the First World War, when Australian infantry attacked without artillery and tank support. British and Australian forces launched a further series of offensives throughout May in an effort to capture Bullecourt. It became an awful battle of attrition fought with savagery on both sides, resulting in the first breakthrough of the "impregnable" Hindenburg Line. Author Paul Kendall makes use of unit histories and personal accounts to bring a human face to the terrible statistics; the final chapter is devoted to the memorials and cemeteries of Bullecourt.

Appendices include British and AIF soldiers with no known grave, and orders of battle.

Hard cover, photographs, 416 pages.

Bullecourt 1917: Breaching the Hindenburg Line