World War I: The Australian experience

Michael Andrews

World War I — the bloody conflict that saw more than 60,000 Australians die in defence of the British Empire and create the legend that has influenced Australia’s fighting spirit ever since.

This is the story of how Australia unquestioningly entered a conflict on the opposite side of the world . It is a chronicle of great bravery when poorly trained young men went to war on the other side of the world and returned as ANZACs. Pitted against superior enemy forces, they matured into a cohesive force that played a major role in the ultimate defeat of the enemy.

In this book from the Defending Australia series, we see how the unprepared troops undertook the futile Gallipoli campaign and survived to fight again. We follow the Light Horse in its heroic campaigns against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East and the triumph of the great cavalry charge at Beersheba. Then to the Western Front, the toughest of all the campaigns, where Australian forces showed they were the equal of those they fought with and against.

The First World War brought the new Commonwealth of Australia together in war for the first time. It showed Australians what they were capable of as a united people.

Soft cover, photographs.

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World War I: The Australian experience