Soldiers' tales

Edited by Denny Neave

True stories from Aussie Soldiers.

A collection of stories that are entertaining, emotional and humorous, Soldiers’ tales is a wonderful tribute to the Aussie digger. Australian soldiers share their stories and anecdotes from the First World War to the modern day conflict, the stories that are usually saved for ANZAC Day or a catch-up with mates over a cup of tea or an icy cold beer.

In their own words they provide a fascinating glimpse of the many funny and touching moments that our diggers often hold tight to their chest. The collection vividly provides a taste of what a soldiers life is like in both war and peace.

From the pyramids of Egypt where a pint-sized captain used lateral thinking to gain respect, ANZAC day on the porch with Banjo Patterson or a scorpion in the pants in Vietnam, their stories showcase the laconic sense of humour of the Aussie digger – that wonderful ability to get the job done with a sense of fun and a helping hand for a mate.

Soft cover, photographs, 176 pages.

Soldiers' tales