Notebook: Quick! Give us a hand old sport!

Wild Colonial Company

This A6 staple-bound notebook, with 64 grid-lined pages, is designed to easily fit in your pocket on your next trip to the hardware store, perhaps, or the garden centre. The useful journal features a recruitment poster image.

Recruitment posters, many featuring the work of Australia’s best-known artists and designers, became a cornerstone of the government’s efforts to convince young men to join up. Most relied on a strong single image, bold colours and simple text designed to play on a variety of emotions: national pride, guilt, shame, the need to belong, fear of what the enemy might do if left unchecked.

A First World War recruitment poster made c1914-1918 and entitled: 'Quick! Give us a hand old sport!'

Australian War Memorial Collection (ARTV08942).

Artist: Unknown

Size: 15.8 x 11cm

Notebook: Quick! Give us a hand old sport!