One day in Oradour

Helen Watts

On 10 June 1944. 644 men, women and children were killed by SS troops in the French village of Oradour. One boy escaped. This is his story.

This book tells the story of what happened in Oradour, and imagines what drove both the SS officer who ordered the massacre, and the seven year old boy who escaped it. Powerful, moving and almost unbearably tense, this book weaves the truth about what happened to the people in Oradour into a powerful fictional story centred on two characters: the plucky, inspirational Alfred Fournier, refugee and resident of Oradour, and the hot headed, power hungry SS commander who shattered his world and changed his life for ever, Major Gustav Dietrich. As their two worlds collide, we gain a fascinating insight into the extremes and contradictions of human behaviour and emotion. With a twist in the tale, this is a story which leaves you feeling surprised, inspired and profoundly moved.

Soft cover, 224 pages.

One day in Oradour