She landed by moonlight

Carole Seymour-Jones

The story of secret agent Pearl Witherington: the 'real Charlotte Grey'.

Seventy years ago, in September 1943, Pearl Witherington's parachute dropped behind enemy lines. This is her incredible story. Pearl was a young British secretary and agent of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), and was parachuted from a Halifax bomber into Occupied France. She had a dual mission: to fight for her beloved, broken France and to find her lost love. Pearl's lover was a Parisian parfumier turned soldier, Henri Cornioley, who had been taken prisoner while serving in the French Logistics Corps and subsequently escaped from his German POW camp.

Agent Pearl Witherington's wartime record is unique and heroic. She became a fearless and legendary guerrilla leader organising, arming and training 3,800 Resistance fighters, probably the greatest female organiser of armed Maquisard in France.  Pearl lit the fires of Resistance in Central France so that Churchill's famous order to 'set Europe ablaze', which had brought SOE into being, finally came to pass.

Shortly before Pearl's death in 2008, the Queen presented her with a Commanders of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in Paris.

Soft cover, photographs, 432 pages.

She landed by moonlight