Evan's Gallipoli

Kerry Greenwood

Fourteen-year-old Evan Warrender and his father travel to the Dardenelles, where they intend to provide succour to the Allied soldiers. When they are captured by the Turks, they are launched into an epic journey, living on their wits and the kindness of strangers. Thankfully they escape and travel through Turkey, back to Greece and finally home to Australia. Along the way they meet unlikely friends and companions, some of whom have deep secrets. When Evan's own secret is revealed, it brings to light just how incredible the journey has truly been.

Evan's fascinating survival story shares stories from beyond the frontline, and creates an account of this significant time in our military history. This adventure novel cleverly explores both sides of the war and is told in diary form.

Soft cover, for young readers, 216 pages.

Evan's Gallipoli