Year Zero: the history of 1945

Ian Buruma

This sweeping book examines the seven months in Europe, and four months in Asia that followed the surrender of the Axis powers at the ending of the Second World Watr. From the fate of Holocaust survivors liberated from the concentration camps, and the formation of the state of Israel, to the civil war in China, and the Allied occupation of Japan, Professor of Human Rights and Journalism, Ian Buruma takes a close look at the immediate aftermath of the worldwide catastrophe.

It was a time when terrible revenge was taken on collaborators and their former masters; of ubiquitous black markets, war crime tribunals; and the servicing of millions of occupation troops, former foes in some places, liberators in others.

This time was also a new beginning, of democratic restorations in Japan and West Germany, of social democracy in Britain and of a new world order under the United Nations. If construction follows destruction, Year Zero describes that extraordinary moment in between, when people faced the wreckage, full of despair, as well as great hope. An old world had been destroyed; a new one was yet to be built.

Soft cover, 384 pages.

Year Zero: the history of 1945