Before I forget

Allan Stanton

Before I forget is an account of Allan Stanton's wartime experiences having been drafted from the relative safety of a family life in Brisbane; to the horror, tedium and humour of his tour of duty in the Vietnam War; and his coming to terms with these experiences once back in Australia, when so many of his fellow vets' lives were falling apart.
It is not a glorification of war, or about the grief it brings to family, friends and loved ones. It is a typical Digger's story of an atypical war - a bloody, politically motivated and explosively unpopular war, characterised by savagery in the field and dissent at home.
This is a raw and honest account of a man who, like so many others, willingly risked his life to fight in a strange and foreign land for the honour and security of his country.
Soft cover.

Before I forget