The best of Vera Lynn

25 Great Songs

Listening to this selection of songs is to take a journey back in time. The White Cliffs of Dover and We'll Meet Again, the opening and closing tracks on the albim, became two of the many evergreens made popular by the young British singer Vera Lynn during the Dark days of the Second World War.

Featuring many other classic songs this album has a playing time of approximately 78 minutes.


  1. (There'll be bluebirds over the) White Cliffs of Dover
  2. Mexicali Rose
  3. Its a sin to tell a lie
  4. A garden in Grenada
  5. I wont tell a soul (I love you)
  6. Maybe
  7. Over the rainbow
  8. I hear a dream (Come again)
  9. Goodnight, wherever you are
  10. Be like the kettle ans sing
  11. The London I love
  12. Only forever
  13. There'll come another day
  14. You'll never know
  15. That lovely weekend
  16. Over the hill
  17. Cinderella (Stay in my arms)
  18. Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
  19. Really and truly
  20. I had the craziest dream
  21. White Christmas
  22. When they sound the last all clear
  23. So many memories
  24. Two sleepy people
  25. We'll meet again

The best of Vera Lynn