The Pacific - DVD Mini Series

This series tracks the real-life journeys of three U.S. Marines - Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda) across the vast canvas of the Pacific theatre during the Second World War.

The mini series follows these men and their fellow Marines from their first battle with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the rain forests of Cape Gloucester and the strongholds of Peleliu, across the bloody sands of Iwo Jima, through the horror of Okinawa, and finally to their triumphant but uneasy return home after V-J Day.

Special Features:
Prologues that set the stage for each episode and additional historical footage narrated by Tom Hanks.
Making The Pacific - go behind-the-scenes and take an inside look at the making of this epic, 10-part miniseries.
Profiles of The Pacific - delve into the lives of the real Marines featured. Get a personal perspective on their families, their war experience and their lives after the war in these intimate portraits.
Anatomy of the Pacific War - explore the historical influences and cultural perceptions that led to the merciless brutality in the Pacific.

Rated MA (strong war violence, blood and gore), region 4, 6 discs, duration 522 minutes

The Pacific - DVD Mini Series