All the way - DVD

Presented by Paul Ham

Australia V America in Vietnam.

In 1966, as Australian and US troops fought Communism in the jungles of Vietnam, the two allies were locked in a political, strategic and secret war that tested the friendship to breakpoint.

Historian Paul Ham presents his argument that the conflict with the USA over Vietnam about how to fight and why redefined Australia's relationship with its most important ally and its Asian neighbours, and changed Australia in ways utterly unintended when Canberra first urged the US to commit to Vietnam, and then manufactured its own invitation to join the war.

Through political manoeuvring, military masterminding, and the personal impact on the diggers, Ham tells the story of the Australian-USA alliance under its greatest strain.

Rated PG (war footage and coarse language), PAL, region 4, English captions for the hearing impaired, duration 57 minutes.

All the way - DVD