Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Anstice (Snr) Rafferty

Date of birth1876-03-02 United Kingdom: England 
Other units  1914-08-28  12 Battalion. 
Date promoted  1914-08-28  Appointed second lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1915-02-01  Appointed lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1915-05-22  Appointed captain. 
Date promoted  1916-03-02  Appointed major. 
Other units  1916-12-25  Temporary Commanding Officer 10 Battalion. 
Other units  1917-03-26  Temporary Commanding Officer 11 Battalion. 
Date promoted  1917-03-26  Appointed lieutenant colonel. 
Date promoted  1917-03-26  Appointed temporary lieutenant colonel. 
Date of honour or award  1917-06-01  Mention in Despatches. 
Date of honour or award  1917-06-04  Awarded the Distinguished Service Order. 
Other  1917-12-23 - 1917-02-04  Commanding Officer of the 10th Battalion. 
Date of honour or award  1917-12-28  Mention in Despatches. 
Other units  1918-05-28  Commanding Officer 1 Training Battalion. 
Other units  1918-10-14  Rejoined 11 Battalion. 
Other units  1918-11-01  Temporary Commanding Officer 3 Infantry Brigade. 
Other units  1919-02-05  Rejoined 11 Battalion. 
Other  1920-02-09  AIF appointment terminated. 
Date of death1945-04-27