109 Air Commodore Keith Raymond John Parsons, CBE, DSO, DFC, AFC

Date of birth1914-06-28  
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1935-01  Air cadet 
Date commissioned  1936-01  Pilot officer. 
Date promoted  1939-03  Flight lieutenant. 
Other units  1939-12  Chief Flight Instructor, No 1 Elementrary Flying Training School, Parafield. 
Date promoted  1940-10  Squadron leader. 
Other units  1941-03  Commanding Officer No 1 Armament Training Station, Cressy. 
Other units  1942-08  No 1 Operational Training Unit, Bairnsdale. 
Other units  1942-10  Commanding Officer No 7 Squadron, Nowra. 
Date promoted  1942-10  Wing commander. 
Other units  1942-12  Commanding Officer No 7 Squadron, South West Pacific. 
Other units  1944-03  Commanding Officer No 5 Elementary Flying Training School, Narromine. 
Date promoted  1944-06  Group captain. 
Other units  1944-06  No 8 Operational Training Unit, Narromine. 
Other units  1944-08  No 11 Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre (RAF). 
Other units  1944-08  Headquarters, Bomber Command. 
Other units  1944-10  Commanding Officer of No 460 Squadron. 
Other units  1944-12  RAF stations, Binbrook. 
Other units  1945-06  RAF stations, Gamstar. 
Other units  1945-09  Commanding Officer of No 1 Operational Training Unit, Sale. 
Date promoted  1947-01  Wing commander. 
Date promoted  1952-07  Group captain. 
Date promoted  1958-05  Acting air commodore. 
Other units  1958-06  Commanding Officer Headquarters RAAF Butterworth. 
Date promoted  1959-11  Group captain. 
Date promoted  1961-01  Acting air commodore.