Lieutenant Colonel Noel Medway Loutit, DSO

Date of birth1894-03-08  
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1914-09-18  Appointed second lieutenant in the 10th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1915-02-01  Appointed lieutenant. 
Date promoted  1915-11-09  Appointed temporary captain. 
Other units  1916-01-19 - 1916-02-26  Grenade officer attached to 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters. 
Date promoted  1916-02-20  Appointed captain. 
Other units  1916-02-26 - 1916-03-01  50th Battalion. 
Other units  1916-03-01 - 1917-08-20  Adjutant, 50th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1916-10-28  Appointed major. 
Date of honour or award  1917-06-01  Mention in Despatches. 
Date of honour or award  1917-06-04  Distinguished Service Order. 
Date of honour or award  1917-06-18  Bar to Distinguished Service Order. 
Other units  1917-08-20 - 1917-10-29  Temporary Commanding Officer of 51st Battalion. 
Other units  1917-10-29 - 1918-05-09  Commanding Officer of 13th Training Battalion. 
Date of honour or award  1918-04-18  Mention in Despatches. 
Other units  1918-05-09 - 1918-07-29  50th Battalion. 
Other units  1918-07-29 - 1918-09-02  Attached to 3 Squadron, AFC for liaison course. 
Other units  1918-09-02  Commanding Offier, 45th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1918-09-02  Appointed temporary lieutenant colonel. 
Date promoted  1918-12-01  Appointed lieutenant colonel. 
Date of honour or award  1919-07-11  Mention in Despatches. 
Other  1920-01-09  AIF appointment terminated.