Q383 (QX50080) Francis Roper North, Francis Roger, CB MC & Bar

Date of birth1894-04-13 Ipswich QLD 
Pre WW1 Service 1  1914-06-16  2lieutenant 8th Infantry regiment 
Date commissioned  1914-06-16   
Pre WW1 Service 2  1915-07-01  lieutenant 
WW1 Service 1  1915-08-24  2lieutenant (AIF) 
WW1 Service 3  1916-06-01  captain 46th battalion 
WW1 Service 2  1917-06-01  Mention in Despatches 2 Jan 1917, 
Interwar Service 1  1918-10-01  lieutenant 5/9th Infantry Rget 
Interwar Service 2  1920-04-30  captain Reserve of Officers 
Interwar Service 3  1922-10-01  AALD, Lstaff officer 7 Infantry Brigade 
Interwar Service 4  1923-07-29  Unattached List 
Interwar Service 5  1924-12-01  commanding officer 31st battalion 
Interwar Service 6  1927-01-20  major 
Interwar Service 7  1927-09-20  lieutenant colonel 
Interwar Service 8  1929-04-01  Unattached List 
Interwar Service 9  1933-07-31  Reserve of Officers 
Interwar Service 10  1933-10-01  commanding officer 31st battalion 
Appointment  1933-10-01 - 1940-08-01  Battalion: 31st; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: Reserve of Officers ; Reason for end of appointment: promotion field command: 11th Brigade 
Career summary 1  1939-08-27  full time duty 25 
Career summary 2  1940-07-03  full time duty commanding officer Miowera AIF Depot 
Career summary 3  1940-08-01  temporary brigadier, commander 11th Brigade 
Career summary 4  1940-09-03  command 11th Brigade & administering commandant NQ Area 
Career summary 5  1940-12-18  END full time duty 
Career summary 6  1941-03-06  full time duty 
Career summary 7  1941-04-06  command 7th Brigade 
Career summary 8  1942-05-08  relinquished command & temporary brigadier 7th Brigade 
Career summary 9  1942-06-20  temporary colonel command Headquarters (NQld) Lines of Communication Sub Area 
Career summary 10  1943-01-02  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 11  1943-02-20  Companion of the Order of the Bath 
Career summary 12  1945-11-01  relinquished command 1 Aust Lines of Communication Sub Area 
Career summary 13  1945-11-27  Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 14    *** NO ACTIVE SERVICE *** 
Citations 2    'Temporary Brigadier Norrth was appointed to a commission in the Citizen Military Forces on 16th June, 1914 and served in the 1914-18 war as an Infantry Company Commander. Since 1914-18 he commandeed the 31st Battalion with marked success for two periods totalling in all eleven years and was appointed to command the 11th Infantry Brigade, which he now commands, on 1.8.40. He commands one of the important areas in the defence of Australia and has prepared the troops under his command for thier difficult task with unflagging zeal and energy.' 

Extra Service Number: QX50080; Militia Number: Q30601; Occupation: Solicitor