NX12214 (NP2692) Joseph Lawrence Andrew Kelly, DSO

Date of birth1907-03-10 Cowra NSW 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1926   
Interwar Service 1  1926  1 Fd Sqn, Royal Australian Engineers 
Interwar Service 2  1931-10-29  gunner RAA 2MD 
Interwar Service 3  1932-08-12  Darwin Det RAA 
Interwar Service 4  1933-10-14  9 Hvy Batt RAA (Darwin) 
Interwar Service 5  1934-08-24  1 Hvy Brigade RAA (2MD) 
Interwar Service 6  1935-01-01  LBDR 
Interwar Service 7  1935-10-03  BDR 
Interwar Service 9  1936-08-07  SGT 
Interwar Service 8  1936-08-10  Australian Instructional Corps Training Cadre 
Interwar Service 10  1937-06-12  warrant officer Class II 
Interwar Service 11  1939-10-01  H/lieutenant 
Interwar Service 12  1939-10-02  adjutant & QM 36th battalion 
Date commissioned  1939-10-02   
Interwar Service 13  1939-11-01  Aadjutant & QM 30th battalion 
Career summary 2  1940-04-14  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 3  1940-05-01  seconded 2/13th battalion 
Career summary 4  1940-05-20  attached Headquarters 20th Brigade 1 
Career summary 5  1940-08-10  captain (bd 1 May 40) promul 
Career summary 6  1940-11-15  adjutant 
Career summary 7  1940-11-26  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 8  1941-08-25 - 1941-09-08  attached Headquarters 20 Bri 
Career summary 10  1941-09-08  seconded staff captain Headquarters 20 Brigade 
Career summary 9  1941-09-08  relinquish adjutant 
Career summary 11  1942-05-02  Mention in Despatches (Feb-Jul 41) 
Career summary 12  1942-06-15  relinquish staff captain Hq 20 Brigade 
Career summary 14  1942-08-28 - 1942-09-26  medical (anxiety neuro 
Career summary 16  1942-10-29  returned to unit (2/13th battalion ) 
Career summary 15  1942-11-24  major 
Career summary 17  1942-12-31  course Combined Operations School 26 
Career summary 18  1943-02-27  Returned to Australia (Syd) 
Career summary 19  1943-07-30  arrived Milne Bay 
Career summary 20  1943-12-18  attached Headquarters 20 Brigade 
Career summary 21  1944-02-20  Returned to Australia (Bris) 
Career summary 22  1944-04-22  course Land Headquarters Tactical senior officers 
Career summary 23  1944-10-02  attached Headquarters 9thDivision3 Sep 
Career summary 24  1944-10-15 - 1944-11-25  course Land Headquarters Tactical senior offi 
Career summary 25  1944-11-20  temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 31/51st battalion 
Appointment  1944-11-20 - 1946-01-17  Battalion: 31/51st; Rank on appointment: major, temporary lieutenant colonel ; Appointed from: major 2/13th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: battalion disbanded 
Career summary 26  1945-03-31  Mention in Despatches (Papua New Guinea up to 31 Mar 44) 
Career summary 27  1945-07-12  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) ex Bougainville 
Career summary 28  1945-08-03  arrived Bougainville 
Career summary 29  1945-09-14  arrived Nauru 
Career summary 30  1945-12-19  arrived Rabaul 
Career summary 31  1946-01-17  Distinguished Service Cross Gen Stores and Clothing Equipment Div, MGO Br, Headquarters AMF 
Career summary 32  1946-02-06  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) 
Career summary 33  1946-02-21  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 36  1947-05-01  commanding officer 3 Australian reinforcements battalion 
Career summary 34  1947-05-06  Mention in Despatches 
Career summary 37  1947-07-29  commanding officer 2 Australian Rec Training battalion 
Career summary 38  1948-04-30  command Headquarters Rec Training Brigade 
Career summary 39  1948-12-15  commanding officer 2 Rec Training battalion 
Career summary 40  1949-05-06  commanding officer 1 RAR 
Career summary 41  1949-07-11  TFD Australian Staff Corps 
Career summary 42  1949-07-11  lieutenant colonel (Australian Staff Corps) 
Career summary 43  1951-01-03  commanding officer 11 NS Training battalion 
Career summary 44  1953-05-21  chief instructor School of Infantry 
Career summary 45  1954-11-12  chief instructor Jungle Training School 
Career summary 46  1955-08-31  command Headquarters 2 Cdt Brigade 
Career summary 47  1957-03-10  Retired List 
WW2 Service 3    New Guinea 
Citations 4    From SipAAI northwards increasing opposition was encountered by strongly held enemy positions. Lt-Col KELLY dealt with these with excellent encircling tactics and bold patrolling. 
Citations 2    'Lt-Col KELLY, commanding 31/51 Aust Inf Bn, was responsible for operations to clear the enemy forces from CAPE MOLTKE towards MATCHIN BAY. He successfully established a base at KURAIO and commenced patrolling to gain information of enemy localities. 
Citations 6    Vigorous pursuit was successfully maintained because of a sound plan worked out by this officer after seizing a bridgehead across the GENGA RIVER before defeating the enemy in position. 
WW2 Service 2    El Alamein 
WW2 Service 4    Bougainville 
Career summary 13    course Middle East Staff School 7 Aug 
Citations 7    The remarkable success of these operations, which cleared the enemy from 25 miles of country, was due to Lt-Col KELLY's outstanding leadership, brilliant planning and determination to annihilate the enemy wherever he was found. Our troops were subjected to heavy and accurate enemy shelling in their hard fought advance over extremely rough country. Lt.Col KELLY by his frequent visits to all troops under his command, and by his personal disregard for danger and infectious enthusiasm, maintained a high morale and fighting spirit, and was an outstanding example to his troops who behaved splendidly in battle. 
Citations 8    Known enemy killed were 141, and six guns, three "JUKI" MG and six LMGs were captured with other equipment.' 
WW2 Service 1    Benghazi 
Citations 5    The enemy determined to hold our advance on TSIMBA RIDGE with all his available forces. The position was protected by the sea, GENGA RIVER, swamps and steep razorback ridges. Lt.Col KELLY promptly initiated a sound patrol plan and on the information obtained, successfully drove the enemy, who were reinforced by naval personnel from TAIOF ISLAND and BUKA PASSAGE, and strongly reinforced with artillery, from his stronghold in a battle which commenced on 6 Feb and was succcessfully concluded on 9 Feb. 
Career summary 35    *** POST WAR *** 
Career summary 1    Aadjutant & QM 30th battalion  
Citations 3    Lt-Col KELLY commenced the advance on 30 Dec 44 basing it on a skilfully conceived plan which rapidly cleared the enemy from the coastal area. At the same time, by sound co-ordinated patrolling deep into rough mountain country, he cleared his flank. 
Date of death1970-09-09  

Background: Builder prior to enlisting in the PMF; Extra Service Number: NP2692; Militia Number: 2/33; Occupation: Australian Instructional Corps Officer