NX393 Arnold Brown, DSO, OBE, MC

Date of birth1894-07-22 Sydney NSW 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1915-03-05   
WW1 Service 1  1915-03-05  B Company 28th battalion 
WW1 Service 2  1915-05-24  SGT 
WW1 Service 3  1915-09-04  Embarked fro Gallipoli 
WW1 Service 4  1916-01-10  arrived Alex. ex Gallipoli 
WW1 Service 5  1916-02-12  2lieutenant 
Date commissioned  1916-02-16   
WW1 Service 6  1916-03-21  arrived France 
WW1 Service 7  1916-06-30  lieutenant 
WW1 Service 8  1916-09-01  captain 
WW1 Service 9  1916-11  wounded in action (gun shot wound Neck) 16(18?)  
WW1 Service 10  1917-01-17  arrived France 
WW1 Service 11  1917-01-25  returned to unit 
WW1 Service 12  1917-02-08  Military Cross 
WW1 Service 13  1917-04-04  temporary major 
WW1 Service 14  1917-07-02  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
WW1 Service 15  1917-08-04  major 
WW1 Service 16  1917-09-28  wounded in action (gun shot wound lf arm & legs) 
WW1 Service 17  1917-11-07  Mention in Despatches 
WW1 Service 18  1918-02-25  arrived France 
WW1 Service 19  1918-02-26  returned to unit 
WW1 Service 20  1918-07-03 - 1918-08-04  course senior officers School Alde 
WW1 Service 21  1918-09-29  returned to unit 
WW1 Service 22  1919-04-05  Returned to Australia 
WW1 Service 23  1919-07-30  demobilised 
Interwar Service 1  1920-07-01  major Reserve of Officers 
Interwar Service 2  1920-07-12  Removed from Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 1  1939-10-09  enlisted Citizens Military Force 
Career summary 2  1939-10-13  major Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 3  1939-10-13  2 Grn battalion 
Career summary 4  1940-05-01  2/1st Pioneer battalion 
Career summary 5  1940-05-10  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 6  1940-11-02  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 7  1941-03-09  lieutenant colonel commanding officer 
Career summary 10  1942-03-31  Returned to Australia (Adel) 
Career summary 12  1942-05-18  commanding officer 36th battalion 
Appointment  1942-05-18 - 1942-09-02  Battalion: 36th; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: commanding officer 2/1st Pioneer battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -FU: Returned as commanding officer to old unit 
Career summary 11  1942-05-29  arrived Moresby 
Career summary 13  1942-09-02  commanding officer 2/1st Pioneer battalion 
Career summary 14  1943-06-01  seconded commanding officer 2 Base Sub-Area 
Career summary 15  1943-12-16  Area Comd Bulldog 
Career summary 16  1944-05-17  Dir. Gen Stores and Clothing Equip Div, Master Gen of Ordnance, Land Headquarters 
Career summary 17  1944-06-30  commanding officer 5th Australian Adv Rect Depot 
Career summary 18  1945-08-12  commanding officer 6th Australian prisoner of war Reception Centre 
Career summary 19  1945-09-13  arrived S'pore 
Career summary 20  1945-11-06  Returned to Australia (Syd) 
Career summary 21  1946-02-08  Member War Crimes Tribunal, Timor 
Career summary 22  1946-07-19  Retired Serviceman's League 
Career summary 23  1946-08-30  Reserve of Officers 
Served    1914-1918 Command: ; Service: Gallipoli, Western Front 
Citations 1    DSO (WW1): 
Citations 2    'For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in organising and leading bombing attacks. His sound judgment and determination were mainly instrumental in bringing about the success of these attacks, whilst his utter disregard of danger throughout set a splendid example to officers and men.' 
Citations 4    'TOBRUCH- Apr/Aug 41. Lt. Col. Brown has commanded 2/1 Aust.Pnr.Bn. most ably throughout the whole campaign in Cyrenaica. In addition to the normal functions so creditably performed in the earlier statges, this unti was called upon from April to take its full part as an Infantry Battalion in the offensive defense of the perimeter. Their work for long periods in holding portion of the FDLs has been extremely satisfactory. Lt. Col. Brown has, by his personal example of respoluteness and courage, set an inspiring example to his officers and men which resulted in the slendid work produced by the unit.' 
Citations 5    -LG Supp 35526/42 -Rec'md Morshead. 
Date of death1960-03-06  

Militia Number: N60002; Occupation: Stock & Station Agent