386 Group Captain Alan Charles Rawlinson, OBE, DFC & bar

Date of birth1918-07-31  
Other units  1938  Flying Training School. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1938-07-19  Air cadet. 
Date promoted  1939-06-22  Pilot officer. 
Other units  1939-07  No 3 Squadron. 
Other units  1941-05  Flight commander. 
Other units  1941-11-10  Commanding Officer No 3 Squadron. 
Other units  1941-12  Commanding Officer Air Fighting and Firing School 
Date returned to Australia  1942-03   
Other units  1942-04  No 2 Operational Training Unit. 
Other units  1942-09  RAAF Headquarters. 
Other units  1943-04  Commanding Officer No 79 Squadron. 
Other units  1943-11  Wing Leader - No 73 Wing Kiriwina. 
Other units  1944-01  RAAF Staff College. 
Other units  1944-04  Commanding Officer Parachute Training Unit. 
Other units  1945-05  Commanding Officer No 78 Wing Tarakan. 
Date promoted  1945-07  Acting group captain. 
Other  1946-12-19  Appointment terminated.