Brigadier General Henry Arthur Goddard, CMG, DSO, VD

Date of birth1869-12-13 West Hackney, Middlesex, England 
Other  1890  Immigrated to Australia. 
Date commissioned  1899-11-30  Commissioned as a lieutenant in the Moreton Regimenht. 
Other  1906 - 1915  Consul for Paraguay. 
Date promoted  1913-02-11  Promoted to lieutenant and given command of the regiment. 
Other  1914  Placed in charge of the Brisbane Defences when war broke out. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1915-03-16  Appointed to the AIF with the rank of lieutenant colonel and given command of the 25th Infantry Battalion. 
Other units  1915-05-09  Ordered to take over the command of the 17th Infantry Battalion. 
Other  1915-05-12  Took charge of the 17th Infantry Battalion on board the transport Themistocles, sailing for Egypt. 
Other  1916-01-18  Admitted to hospital with a serious case of dysentry. 
Other  1916-04-10  Evacuated to Australia. 
Date returned to Australia  1916-05-18   
Other  1916-07-16  Rejoined the AIF. 
Other  1916-08-01  Departed from Melbourne on board HMAT Miltiades for London. 
Other units  1916-10-13  Given command of the 35th Battalion. 
Date of honour or award  1918  Mention in Despatches and awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for his part in the action at Messines, Broodeseinde and Passchendaele. 
Other units  1918-01-05 - 1918-02-18  Acting commander of the 9th Infantry Brigade. 
Other units  1918-05-21  Took over command of the 9th Infantry Brigade. 
Date promoted  1918-06-01  Promoted to full colonel and temporary brigadier general. 
Date of honour or award  1919  Mention in Despatches and made a Companion of St Michael and St George (CMG) for his part in the Bray-sur-Somme battle and the attack on the Hindenburg Line. 
Other  1920-05-11  AIF appointment terminated. 
Other units  1921 - 1926  Commanded the 14th Infantry Brigade and was honorary colonel of the 17th Infantry Battalion. 
Other  1931  Placed on the retired list with the rank of brigadier general. 
Date of death1955-10-24