The area around Adloun, a town in western Lebanon, was the scene of the first major action fought by the 2/27th Battalion during the Second World War. In order to block the Australian advance north along the coast road towards Sidon, the Vichy French had occupied positions astride the road south west of Adloun, and along the cliffs that overlooked it, immediately west of Adloun. At midnight on 11 June C and B companies of the 2/27th Battalion attacked the French position astride the road, on the left and right respectively. They were met with heavy fire from the French and made little progress. A third company, A, however, covered by the darkness, was able to advance around the eastern flank of the French position. It occupied the position on the cliffs and blocked the coast road behind the French. By this time B Company had managed to capture its objectives and fire in support of C, still struggling in the face of determined opposition to take theirs. Realising they were cut off, the French in front of C Company finally surrendered at dawn.