Dr Brendan Nelson

Assistant Directors
Rhonda Adler, Assistant Director, Branch Head Corporate Services

Anne Bennie, Assistant Director, Branch Head Public Programs

Tim Sullivan, Assistant Director, Branch Head National Collection

Senior Staff

Mark Campbell, Head Retail and Online Sales

Brian Dawson, A/g Head Collection Services  

Ashley Ekins, Head Military History Section

David Fitzgerald, Head Buildings and Services

Nick Fletcher, Head Military Heraldry and Technology

Frances Henderson, Head Human Resources Section

Sarah Hitchcock, Head Commemoration and Visitor Engagement

Ryan Johnston, Head Art

Brie Lloyd, Head Digital Eexperience

Katherine McMahon, Head Exhibitions

Leanne Patterson, Chief Finance Officer, Head Finance

Hans Reppin, Head Photographs, Film, Sound, and Multimedia

Robyn van Dyk, Head Research Centre

Chris Wagner, Head Communications and Marketing

Daryl Winterbottom, Head Information Technology