War Diary Commanders’ diaries were prepared by officers commanding headquarters, units and detachments serving in the Malayan Emergency, Malaya–Thai border, Indonesian Confrontation, and Vietnam. The diaries cover the period October 1952 to August 1973, with the majority related to the Vietnam War. Archival series AWM95 is fully represented, with some diaries for the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam being incorporated from other archival series (AWM98, AWM103, and AWM293).

Most diaries consist of a cover with an index, a daily narrative of events, and annexes. Annexes take the form of logs, orders, instructions, messages, and other papers documenting unit activities. The diaries vary greatly in the amount and detail of information they contain.

Numbering system

The majority of files have been drawn from AWM95, and have a three-part numbering system:

  • the first number represents the headquarters or corps a unit belonged to
  • the second number represents the particular unit
  • the third number is a chronological identifier that represents the month and year for each diary


The primary series presented here, AWM95, has been digitised in its entirety.

Further information

The National Archives of Australia's collection database, RecordSearch, has more detailed descriptions in the series notes of all the archival series presented here, including the one from which most files are drawn, AWM95.