The Australian War Memorial is a leading cultural institution that assists Australians to commemorate in a relevant, fitting and dignified fashion, the sacrifice of Australians who have died in war. The Memorial performs important roles as a focus for commemoration, a world-class museum and a centre of research.

We recognise the community’s expectations for leading institutions to be environmentally accountable and we are committed to preventing pollution, minimising risks to health and the environment, and to continually reducing any environmental damage associated with our operations.

Environmental Management System

The Australian War Memorial will use an Environmental Management System (EMS) as defined by AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004. Our EMS will be specifically designed to help reduce damage to the environment through continuous improvement in our environmental management. This will lead to improvements in our environmental performance and deliver ‘bottom line’ benefits through reduced operating costs.


This policy covers all activities at the Australian War Memorial properties in Campbell and Mitchell ACT comprising public buildings, office space, conservation storage and workshops, and grounds including semi formal plantings of lawns and trees.

Environmental Priorities

The Australian War Memorial aims to minimise any damage to the environment by:

  • Implementing effective environmental management practices for our sites to protect the environment and prevent pollution from activities under our control;

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, as well as applicable government policies relating to energy and the environment;

  • Reducing the level of energy use at all our properties through both technical and staff based initiatives;

  • Reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling resources to ensure waste minimisation at every level of the organisation;

  • Conserving water;

  • Incorporating ecologically sustainable development principles into the design, construction and operation of new facilities;

  • Building environmental awareness amongst our employees, contractors and the community, and working together to achieve agreed environmental targets

  • Monitoring our progress towards sustainable development on a regular basis and reporting both internally and to our stakeholders.


The Australian War Memorial Environmental Policy is a key part of the Memorial’s Environmental Management System (EMS). The Assistant Director Branch Head Corporate Services through the Head Buildings Security and Services has responsibility for management of the EMS and the Environmental Policy.