Dr Aaron Pegram Senior Historian

Aaron Pegram

Dr Aaron Pegram is a senior historian in the Military History Section at the Australian War Memorial. He is both the Lambert Western Front Fellow and the Memorial’s First World War centenary historian. Aaron is also the tour leader and historical guide for the Memorial’s Western Front battlefield tours, and has published on the First World War and other areas of military history in Wartime, The Journal of the Western Front Association as well as the Journal of First World War Studies. He is the recipient of an Australian Army History Unit Research Grant, and editor of both William Cull’s record of captivity, Both Sides of the Wire: the memoir of an Australian officer captured in the Great War (Allen & Unwin, 2011) and Beyond Surrender: Australian Prisoners of War in the Twentieth Century with Joan Beaumont and Lachlan Grant (Melbourne University Press, 2015). Aaron is an Honours graduate from Charles Sturt University, and in 2017, completed a PhD at the Australian National University on Australian prisoner of war in Germany in the First World War


Selected publications

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Conference papers and seminars

‘“In the Hands of the Hun”: the German treatment of British prisoners on the Western Front’, 1916: The Cost of Attrition conference, BAE Systems Theatre, Australian War Memorial, 20 July 2016

“The Holzminden Illusion: Australian prisoners in Germany and the realities of escape in the Great War, 1916-1918”, Prisoners of war: a conference on the Australian experience of captivity in the 20th Century, Department of Veterans’ Affairs in conjunction with the Australian National University and the Australian War Memorial, Finkel Lecture Theatre, Australian National University, 5 June 2013

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