Diary of an ANZAC: A Gallipoli Perspective

01 February 2010 by janfar

This is the story of Herbert Vincent Reynolds No. 622 First Field Ambulance, First AIF.


Born in Sebastopol Victoria on 16thSeptember 1896 Herbert attended Sebastopol State School until 1912 and obtained high marks for both the drawings and models he made.

Since the age of 14 Herbert was an army cadet and in 1914 when the war broke out he was called up for service. While on parade with the 8th Infantry Battalion he was told by his commanding officer to “go home” as he was too young. Once home, he obtained a letter of consent from his mother and joined up with the 4th Field Ambulance when it was formed.

The decision to go to war was a hard one for Herbert. From the age of 13 Herbert was responsible for providing for his Mother and siblings. Without his weekly income it would be hard for his family to survive without him. Nevertheless, the call to war was too strong and Herbert became one of the 421,809 men who would sign up for service during the First World War.

Over the next few months diary entries written by Herbert upon his arrival in Alexandria 1915 will be posted. They will cover Herbert’s experience in the lead up and duration of the Gallipoli campaign.

Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.