Bomber Command and 460 Squadron, 15 November 1942

Items from the collection:

Operation summary from a night mission over Turin, Italy, 28/29 November 1942.

AWM64 1/300
AWM64 1/300 (604Kb, PDF) Operations No. 460 Squadron R.A.A.F. November to December 1942

Operation Summary for 1 January 1944, detailing a night bombing operation over Berlin.

AWM64 1/305
AWM64 1/305 (1Mb, PDF) AWM64 Operations 1944, History of No. 460 Squadron R.A.A.F. January to February 1944 [OPs summaries]

Extract from a hand written list of casualties of 460 Squadron RAAF. It lists the operation the crew were lost on and each crew man's fate - whether they were killed, taken prisoner of war, escaped or were repatriated.

AWM64 1/313
AWM64 1/313 (201 Kb, PDF) Operational Casualties No. 460 Squadron

Extract from a brief history of 460 Squadron RAAF, covering the Squadron's establishment in November 1941, through to the end of June 1942. The history shows the variety of missions 460 Squadron took part in, including bombng raids, minelaying and sea searches.

AWM64 1/318
AWM64 1/318 History of No. 460 Squadron R.A.A.F. 15th November 1941 to 30th April 1945