HMAS Armidale, 1 December 1942

Documents from the collection:

This calender was made by Stoker James MacVicar. He made one for each of the ship's company. This is believed to be the only one that left the ship before it sank on 1 December 1942. It was sent by a crew member, Russell Caro, to his mother before the ship sailed on her last voyage. James MacVicar lost his life during the sinking of the Armidale. Russell Caro survived.

Souvenir 14/1/10
Souvenir 14/1/10, (216 Kb, PDF) HMAS Armidale Calender 1943.

Statement made by HMAS Armidale survivor about, events after the sinking of the Armidale. Unfortunately the identity of the survivor has not been given.

AWM54 505/1/19
AWM54 505/1/19, (2.01 Mb, PDF) Ship-Wreck notes on R.A.N. Prisoners of War and Statements made by survivors of Yarra, Armidale, Sibigo, and Nellore.

List of forty crew members from the HMAS Armidale, missing presumed dead.

AWM124 4/423
AWM124 4/423, (261 Kb, PDF) HMAS Armidale – List of Personnel Missing, Presumed Dead, 1 December 1942. Also includes casualty lists from the losses of HMAS Matafele, Patricia Cam and Vampire.