The sinking of the Montevideo Maru, 1 July 1942

Montevideo Maru - Document Study

AWM 54, 417/1/4

This document study (566kb PDF file) is based on a 1945 report detailing the lengthy and frustrating search for information on the missing passengers of Montevideo Maru. This study is designed to assist high school students to use a primary source document to gain factual information, insights and understanding into this tragic event.

Part 1 - establishing the facts leads students through each section of the document, drawing upon students' research skills with a series of questions on the players, dates and sequence of events.

The students can then use this body of knowledge to complete Part 2 - what else can we find? This section presents more extended questions, requiring additional research, analysis and empathy. It also encourages students to assess what information they can obtain from primary source documents and what information they need to pursue through other sources.