Sydney Under Attack: Japanese Midget Submarine 31 May – 1 June 1942

On the night of 31 May–1 June 1942 three Japanese midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and attacked the shipping there.

  • Sydney Under Attack, a talk presented by Dr Robert Nichols, the Memorial's Editor, on Friday, 31 May 2002, beside the Japanese midget submarine in ANZAC Hall. ( transcript)

  • Articles:
  • Documents from the collection: The captured Japanese submarine was the subject of detailed technical analysis. Read reports of the investigation into the Japanese torpedo and details of the oil and fuel used in the midget submarine.

  • Japanese "Midget" Submarine: link to the entry in the Memorial's Encyclopedia.

  • Diary: 1/3/5 - First Army General Staff (Intelligence) (First Army GS (Int))
    June 1942
    : Read official reports of the attack on shipping in Sydney Harbour at 0145 Hrs, 1 June, from War Diaries of Army Headquarter Units, Second World War (AWM52)

  • An Education activity looking back on the Japanese midget submarine attack on Sydney - three stories

  • Collections database: the Memorial's photograph, film and private records collections have many items related to the attack on Sydney Harbour. See the Collection Highlights for those related to the Attack on Sydney.

AWM 306616
Japanese midget submarine No. 21 being lowered onto blocks on shore after being raised from the bottom of Sydney Harbour. Sydney, NSW. June 1942
AWM 306616