15 February 1942, The fall of Singapore

Capitulation telegram

A signal sent to the Prime Minister of Australia from American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDACOM) advising of the decision to surrender to the Japanese on Singapore Island. ABDACOM, commanded by General Sir Archibald Wavell, was established on 15 January 1942 to co-ordinate military resistance to Japan's advance in south-east Asia. It was dissolved on 25 February 1942.

AWM54, 553/4/2
From AWM54, 553/4/2 (200Kb PDF file), [Campaign in Malaya and Singapore - Capitulation:] Copy of a signal to the Prime Minister of Australia, from ABDACOM [American-British-Dutch-Australian Command], advising decision to capitulate to the Japanese on Singapore Island

1943 Invitation

Invitation issued by senior officers of 27 Australian Infantry Brigade to Lieutenant Colonel F.G. Galleghan on the occasion of the departure of the Brigade, Galleghan's own, from Changi, 11 April 1943. The Brigade was sent to the Burma-Thai railway, and Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kappe, whose signature is on the back of the card, was its new commanding officer.

RC00792 (230Kb PDF file), Greeting card

1944 Christmas card

Christmas card from Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kappe to Lieutenant Colonel F.G. Galleghan, December 1944, while both men were prisoners of the Japanese in Changi.

RC00793 (90Kb PDF file), Greeting card

Kappe summary

Kappe's 'Summing Up' on the Malayan campaign, part of his much larger manuscript, illuminates the value of his work as a whole. Writing in Changi in 1945, he surveys the span of history that brought the British and Japanese empires into collision in south-east Asia in 1941 and which resulted in the fall of the supposedly 'impregnable' fortress regarded as the heart of the defence of the European colonies in Asia.

Kappe Summary RC00789 (2.5Mb PDF file)
RC00789. Private Record
(2.5Mb PDF File). The summary is 19 pages long, typed in blue ink with annotations and corrections in pencil. The pages are mostly single sided, except for page v, which has a pencil note on the reverse, and page xi, which has been numbered xiA and xiB and is typed on both sides. The summary is housed in Item 4 of MSS1393.

Introduction to Kappe manuscript

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kappe wrote his 200,000-word history 'The Malayan Campaign' as a prisoner of war in Changi and in Thailand between 1942 and 1945. It was the first full history of the Malaya-Singapore campaign to be written by a participant, though its significance has only become apparent on the sixtieth anniversary of the campaign. MSS1393, Private Record.