• The Blue Mosque

    The journey begins where east meets west in Istanbul - a city enriched by two thousand years of history and adorned with spectacular mosques, minarets and bustling markets. You’ll explore the old city and take a guided boat tour along the Bosphorus.

    The tour travels to the Gallipoli Peninsula and the famous straits of the Dardanelles. Here, in this spectacularly rugged landscape, a sense of tragedy surrounds the thousands of graves of Australian soldiers who lie alongside their comrades from many nations and those of their former Turkish enemies. At Gallipoli the Australian War Memorial tour group stays in a comfortable hotel on the Peninsula just south of Anzac Cove - the only group to have hotel accommodation on the battlefield.

    North Beach North Beach

    Your tour will be led by experts from the Australian War Memorial, and with their guidance, you will visit sites that have a unique place in Australian history - Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, the Nek, Quinn's Post and many more.


    • Istanbul
    • Boat tour of the Bosphorus
    • Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli
    • Australian National Ceremony at Lone Pine
    • Comfortable accommodation on the battlefield
    • Anzac Cove
    • Lone Pine
    • The Nek
    • Quinn’s Post
    • Boat tour along Gallipoli coast

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