Thursday 28 September 2006 by Mal Booth. 1 comment
Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse

If you've managed to subscribe to this blog or if you've been looking at it for a few days since we went live, you'll have noticed that it has not had a lot of content added since Day #1. Chris, our technical developer has been been fixing and improving things, like the link into our museum catalogue for some of the images we will use. Now you can select these images and most will open up in a new window that shows you the museum catalogue entry containing all the descriptive data in that system. We've also added a few plug-ins that will help us to manage this blog better.

As the blog covers the development of our exhibition, we will also need to add some posts that cover events from months ago as the blog birthday is some distance into our exhibition development process. We think you'll find at least some of that process interesting, particularly as we will cover the somewhat complex procedure involved in borrowing exhibition items from overseas institutions. Happy reading!

Mal Booth



I like the blog, and in particular how it gives some background to the curatorial thinking behind an AWM exhibition. The blog's got a great visual design, and plenty of interesting content and links. I hope it's the first of many blogs for the AWM. I think the podcasts available on iTunes are great too.