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Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse

With the assistance of our colleagues at the National Archives of Australia, readers of this blog can go straight to selected service records using hyperlinks we've provided in the text of our posts. These digitised records allow you to read much more about the background, service experience and fate of some members of the Australian Imperial Force.

For example, in an earlier post about our exhibition we mentioned Sgt Charles Reginald Yells (aka 'Lewis' in Seven pillars of wisdom). If you view his service record, you will be able to see on page 17 of that record, a reference to his work with Lawrence in an attack on an enemy railway line for which he was awarded the DCM.
Mal Booth



Mal this is a great little facility. I thought it would be good to incorporate the facility on our Roll of Honour of the AFL Umpires Association. I attempted to copy the link structure but while it worked for a short time eventually I received the "Recordsearch session expired" message (or similar). Are we able to use the facility for our own sites? Great work on the blog. David Flegg AFLUA

Mal Booth

Are you attempting to link straight to the view of the digital record itself or the catalogue entry as we do? I'm not sure linking straight to the digital record works as well and that may be your problem. The advice we received from NAA was to use the string as per the examples below Yells Where 3454680 is the barcode number. Billings Where 3082568 is the barcode number. We just format those as hidden hyperlinks as you are no doubt aware and tell people to 'hit View digital record' once the new window opens up. So far we've not had any problems relayed to us by readers. I'm pretty sure NAA won't mind you linking to their site in the same way, but you could always check if you feel the need. I'll get the name of our contact person for you from a colleague here who set it up for me when he returns from leave soon. Cheers, Mal