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Exhibitions, Preparation of images, Focus: photography and war 1945–2006

All Imagery for the book, Contact, was captured at 16bit, 600dpi, ProPhoto RGB at 200mm x 250mm. This then became our raw uncorrected file. From this file we prepared a master RGB file, where we dodged and burnt with density as well as contrast, utilising the Adjustment layer and layer mask features within Photoshop. Once all files were prepared in this fashion we were ready to place them into the designer’s (Brett Wiencke, Art Direction Creative, Manuka) Indesign layout, but before this could happen we had to create a CMYK profile that would characterise and optimise the chosen printing press. This was done by printing colour patches through the off-set printer, then measuring them against a predefined colour number and mapping the difference.

Armed with the Printer specific CMYK profile we converted all master RGB images to the CMYK profile, and then placed these image files into the Indesign document. With the colour management policies set correctly in Indesign we exported a print ready PDF.x file of the book and this was delivered along with in-house proofs to Goanna Print. For the Focus exhibition we produced Giclee fine art prints on Hahnemuhle photorag paper. This is a %100 cotton rag fine art paper. The master RGB file was corrected again repurposing for this material. As part of the re-purposing procedure we had to increase contrast and sharpen selected images. For the colour images the printing was done on the Crane Museo Silver Rag paper, a digital equivalent of a traditional fibre based paper and the above repurposing was also required.

Raw image:

BEFORE TREATMENT: Phillip Hobson, 3RAR in Korea, 1951 (HOBJ2046) BEFORE TREATMENT: Phillip Hobson, 3RAR in Korea, 1951 (HOBJ2046)

Corrected image:

AFTER TREATMENT: Phillip Hobson, 3RAR in Korea, 1951 (HOBJ2046) AFTER TREATMENT: Phillip Hobson, 3RAR in Korea, 1951 (HOBJ2046)